Hot Flow,Vinyasa, Kids Yoga Teacher, Staff

Andrea’s first yoga class was guided by Denise (owner) many moons ago. She was suffering from a lower back injury and after completing that class she was relieved from months of severe pain. It took her sometime after that first class and a continued practice to decide on pursuing her teacher training. But when she did complete her Ashtanga & Vinyasa Sequencing Training at Downard Dog in Toronto, she gained a complete new awareness of her body. It was then that she realized her passion to celebrate yoga as a career but most importantly as a lifestyle.

Needless to say, Andrea became a believer in the benefits of yoga. Not only has yoga attended to Andrea’s injury, but it has played a key role at embracing life’s challenges. As a single mother, Andrea attributes her positive experience with pregnancy and labour to her yoga practice. And of course, yoga has helped her maintain a (somewhat) steady and composed mind as she raises her beautiful daughter, Savannah. One of Andrea’s motto’s, especially when she is faced with a challenge is: “TAKE IT TO YOUR MAT.”