Duality free living blooms.

Duality Free (Part II)

Duality Free (Part II) In our last post, we discussed a few ways that dualistic thinking can get inhibit the growth of our yoga practice. In this post, I’d like to dig deeper into a particular characteristic of dualistic thinking — its contagiousness. When we say that a disease is contagious, we generally know what… More details

Slow work on a tractor.

In Praise of Slowness

Once upon a time, many years ago, I sat down with my piano teacher to play a very difficult passage. When I was finished, my teacher smiled, then said to me: “Why don’t you challenge yourself by taking the passage slower?” At the time, I thought she was kidding. But when I played the same… More details

Duality is just an illusion.

Duality Free (Part I)

What is duality? Duality is a concept that is present in a smorgasbord of modern and ancient religious traditions. It is also something that we experience every day. One simple definition that we can use is the following: Duality is any viewpoint that holds certain things to be total and irreconcilable opposites. Sounds extreme, doesn’t… More details

Sisters pose with love on Coney island.

Naturally, Love

When we feel thirsty, it is natural to turn on the faucet. When we feel open, it is natural to love. Love is not difficult: it is the natural byproduct of a disposition that says, “Whatever is here, is here.” Amen. “I will not try to change this.” Amen. In this way, naturally, love doesn’t… More details

Metamorphosis is a part of yoga.

The Art of Metamorphosis

When we encounter metamorphosis in nature, it always seems effortless. No one needs to coax a caterpillar to become a butterfly. It just happens. Zip. Bam. Abracadabra. The strange ease of natural metamorphosis is what underlies all of own dreams of transformation. It’s January now, and we’re all roughly three weeks into our new resolutions…. More details